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International Conference and Exhibition on Nephrology & Urology

  10 - 11 August 2020




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Global nephrology and urology devices market is expected to reach US$ 31 billion by 2024. Primary factors fuelling this growth are the sudden increase of chronic kidney diseases and increasing demand for minimally invasive techniques. Research in this field focuses on advancements in device technology to provide better healthcare and on the latest approaches that enhance learning and interest in Nephrology and Urology.

To promote information and advances relating to all areas of nephrology and urology, OLC International is organizing International Conference and Exhibition on Nephrology and Urology, scheduled to be held during August 10-11, 2020 in Venice, Italy. The theme of the conference is "Advanced Innovations and Current Trends in the Field of Nephrology & Urology"

Nephrology-2020 will engage the audience in conversations of nephrology and urology which include keynote presentations, Oral talks, plenary sessions, panel discussions, exhibits, workshops and video, and poster presentations. The event and subsequent programs provide opportunities to interact and network with professionals from different fields concerning nephrology and urology and current discoveries to provide better health care.

The conference intends to produce and propagate new knowledge and to provide pre-clinical, clinical, and scientific information pertaining to nephrology and urology. It offers a comprehensive platform for world-renowned scientists, professors, researchers and scholars in the field to discuss different strategies for diagnosis, treatment, prevention and management of the problems related to kidneys and covers various sessions on nephrology, urology and urinary tract infections, nephrology nursing, kidney disorders, clinical nephrology, and pediatric urology. We hope this conference will be professionally satisfying and will deliberate and discuss different aspects of nephrology and urology.




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